SPIRIT OF THE JAGUAR     DVD  120 min  $50.00    

 You’ll be taken on a journey through the many steps involved in painting the Jaguar Cub. You'll be carefully guided through his step-by-step process of painting; a fascinating style which integrates both modern airbrush and traditional brushwork. Learn how to create an incredible sense of depth. Through the layers of its fur, the application of colored glazes and the use of opaque and transparent colours, we finally reach the creature's very powerful yet gentle Spirit behind the Eye. 



TIGER AND OTHER WILD CATS      DVD  120 min  $40.00  

Jürek's classic video will teach you how to paint his signature Tiger with the energy and emotion necessary to bring the creature to life. By applying the same principles you learned in painting a tiger, he will also show you how to paint any other wild cat. We then show you how to use this method to paint a Leopard, Snow Leopard and a Lion. Finally there is a section on painting all of their distinctively different eyes. All airbrush.


HOW TO START AIRBRUSHING > NOW! DVD  60 min   $30.00  

A beginners guide to Freehand Airbrush technique, detailing specific exercises designed by Jürek to teach the fundamentals, and more advanced projects to challenge even those who have some experience with airbrushing. These step lead the painter to be able to create an eye, with amazing realism. Jürek then shows how to take this basic monochromatic painting, and with the art of Glazing, he creates a luminous, full color eye. All airbrush.  


LEOPARD ON BLACK  DVD 94min $30.00 

Step-by-step instructions how to paint full colour Wild Cats on Black Clayboard surface. If you have video  Tiger and Other Wild Cats, this video will take you to the next level; challenging area of painting on coloured ground. You will learn how simple and effective this method is. All airbrush.


HOPI MAN  DVD  86 min  $30.00 

Jürek will take you back in history to the 17th century Dutch Masters Portrait technique. Using Today’s tool of airbrush, Jürek explains in detail how to paint achromatic underpainting. Then he reveals beauty of glazing turning  underpainting into a full colour finished portrait of the Hopi Man. All airbrush.  




Step-by-step video program demonstrating Jürek's own way of painting portrait of his Master, Salvador Dali using achromatic (black and white) approach. Use of Grays, Black and White is clearly illustrated in this well produced video. Great way of learning basics of portraiture with dramatic theatrical results. Highly recommended for portrait art students and textile artists. All airbrush.


WILDLIFE ON BLACK  DVD   60 min $30,00

Video introduction program to use of exotic, saturated colours in a black background fabric. Colourful Tree Frog is our model, presenting the effective way of dressing up in a fluorescent suit in the of the Amazon Dark Jungle. You will learn the successful technique of turning a dark background into the most colourful image. Must for Wildlife Art Artists. All airbrush.